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Coffee Mazapanes

Sweeten your day in a special way with these delicious Coffee Mazapanes


  • 1 Cup Coffee Sugar (powdered)

  • 1 Cup Powdered Milk

  • Water

  • Food Coloring Red


  1. Convert your coffee sugar into powdered sugar using a grinder

  2. Mix Powdered Coffee Sugar and Powdered milk in a medium bowl, until combined.

  3. Add 3 tablespoons of water and knead. Continue kneading and adding water slowly until you have a uniform dough.

  4. Add 10 drops of food coloring red and knead until you get a uniform color (do not use too much coloring to avoid changing the flavor of your marzipans)

  5. Place the dough on a counter, flatten it and use cookie cutters to shape your mazapanes.

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